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Welcome To Zotno

How many times have you felt the time crunch to simply pick up that piece of beautiful fabric lying astray in your wardrobe for months and head to a tailors? How many times you went to a tailors and have decided not to return to any Tailors shop because of bad fitting and worse services? Don’t worry. Zotno is Bangladesh’s first of its kind service, where all your tailoring needs are fulfilled under one roof.

Zotno offers quality & convenient factory finished sewing services for women. Shalwar, Kamiz, Burqa and Trousers stitched to perfection as per your order. We collect your fabric, sew, finish & deliver within Dhaka in 5-10 days.

Who Is Zotno

To be the finest tailor in the country.

Best quality at an affordable price.

We will provide best customer experience through superior and hassle free customer service.

You have a wedding ceremony immediately or have an occasion and your are in need of making dresses urgently. We are here for fulfilling your urgent need. We can make and deliver your dress within 3 days only!

Our Crazy Skills

Skill of Zotno’s Sewing Master 90
Delivery Speed 95
Measurement Perfection Skill 85
Speed of Alterations 75

Meet Our Team

Purnendu Biswas
Purnendu BiswasFounder & CEO
Being a Finance graduate from University of Dhaka, Purnendu Biswas always dreamed to be an entrepreneur. During his MBA he started a fashion house and continued the business for about 4 years. In the meantime, he involved himself in freelancing and became a top-rated national award winning freelancer. But his entrepreneurial bug started to bite him again when his wife complained to him several times about poor stitching quality and unpunctuality of local tailors. After that, he started to brainstorm for a solution to such problems of tailors. Later on he founded Zotno.com with a promise to provide best quality, on time tailoring at customers’ doorstep.
Abdul Kader
Abdul KaderCo-founder & CFO
Abdul Kader met with Purnendu Biswas at Dhaka University. He was also a freelancer from student life. Being a business graduate he loves entrepreneurship. For easing busy life of people he along with Purnendu Biswas & Rezaul Kabir are working together. He oversees the financial issues of Zotno.com.
Md Rezaul Kabir
Md Rezaul KabirCo-founder & COO
Rezaul Kabir is the co-founder & chief operating officer of Zotno.com. Despite an accounting graduate, he wanted to be a fashion designer and established a fashion house with Purnendu Biswas back in 2012. After running this business for about 4 years he was engaged in freelancing and became a top rated freelancer. To reach his destiny of becoming a fashion designer, he co-founded Zotno.com.